Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Honey-versary

Due to the piggy nature of my blogger friends, all pix of questionable appropriateness have been removed. (-;

We went to Puerto Rico for a vacation, which also coincided with our 5th anniversary. The mood of the trip was reminiscent of our Honeymoon, so I have decided to call this our Honey-versary.

So we're back, and I'm so sad. But I am so happy to see my babes, and I can't even believe how much I missed them, so much that we decided to go away twice a year from now on (hehe). It was such a boost for our relationship to be alone together with no responsibilities. We seem to have been refreshed. The memories of this trip will definitely last me at least another week or 2. After that, I will have to start planning the next trip so we have something to look forward to after the new year rolls around.

I realized after I downloaded the pix, that we didn't take that many and there were several of us "posing" for the camera after we'd had a few. Good, clean fun.

We got kicked out on Wednesday night by Cindy's sister as soon as she got to the house. I had arranged for a hotel room near the airport and Cindy knew nothing about it, so I spent the day getting the remainder of the packing done for both of us - with 3 crazy kids in the house.
The car service was late, the driver got lost, I was so nasty to him because he kept insisting he knew where he was going, but didn't even know the name of the hotel we were going to. 1 hour later, we arrived - after 10:30. Room wasn't ready. What?!!!!! Had a drink, something to eat. Finally got a room. It was a handicapped room, so no tub, just a shower that sprayed onto the bathroom floor. Whatever. Slept. Woke. Got ready. Waited for airport shuttle. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Uhhhhhh, do I have to hurt somebody? Because I am NOT missing this plane!
I know, get to the good stuff, right? OK, OK!

We gGot to Puerto Rico and into the hotel by 1PM. Beautiful day. So excited. we had some lunch while we waited for our room, then went up and napped. Got up, went to dinner. Here comes the good stuff.

We decided on Puerto Rico's only Country Western restaurant, located on the roof of our hotel. It was hot and sticky, but so what?

Cindy had a Strawberry Margarita on steroids...
I rode the bull...Then the guy who controls the bull came over with a cart full of fresh ingredients and made the best homemade guacamole we ever had right in front of our eyes. YUMMY!

Then we headed down to the Gold Bar (which is GORGEOUS!) in the lobby for a digestif and looked for a couch to plant ourselves on for some good ole people watching. There was an event there that night, as usual, and the cast of characters was highly amusing. Women in the most horrendously tacky outfits, the shortest skirts I've ever seen and enough makeup and hairspray to choke the bull I rode in on. What Fun! After an hour or so of that, we headed upstairs to watch the premier of ER. I know, I know! But we were beat and needed our rest before tackling our 1st full day of vacation.

I got up around 7:30, and if you read my prior blog, you know what I did. I woke Cindy at 9 and we got coffee, chatted and headed off to get massages.

It was a little cloudy Friday, but we headed to the pool anyway. Met a few people, including 1 couple from our town. This, combined with the pounding rain now falling on our heads as we sat at the swim up bar was more than enough to send us running into the casino. We decided on $20 each at the slots. I left with $27.50 and Cindy left with nothing. We watched 2 guys at the blackjack table for 10 minutes before we joined in. Then we lost $60 in as many seconds. Oh well. Naptime.
A couple hours later, we woke, showered and headed down to pick a restaurant for dinner. We chose Italian. What a great meal. The 2 couples flanking us were also celebrating anniversaries and we made quick friends of the couple on the right. After dinner, it was over to the Gold bar for drinks and to find a couch in the lobby for peoplewatching. I guess it's our favorite after dinner activity. We threw back a couple and headed upstairs. But tonight, it was well after 11 o'clock (11:15).
Saturday. We woke to the most beautiful sunrise. It was 8:30 and already burning hot outside. So we put on our suits, got coffee and headed out to the Encanto Pool for sun and Rumrunners with 151, it's a really strong rum. If you've never had one, you are missing out. As we sat at the swim up bar for lunch, a group of young guys across the bar bought us a round. Are you kidding me? They couldn't be any older than in their early 30's. Nonetheless, we accepted and drank up. I gave an obligatory nod of thanks and introduced myself a few minutes later when I had to return to my chair for something. Then we proceeded to ignore them the rest of the day because we just couldn't handle talking to them for more than 30 seconds and really just wanted to be left alone. A group of other young ladies (I use the term loosely) found them soon after and they were happy to buy them drinks for the rest of the day. Can you say "Beer Goggles?" PHEEEW! We're off the hook.
I'd write more, but this is really all we did until 4 when we went inside and napped before dinner.

This (Sept 29th) was our actual 5th anniversary and Cindy made a reservation at The Pa.lm, which is also in the hotel. Are you getting the drift? We never left the hotel. We went down at 7 and had a drink at the bar. The maitre d' came to seat us and we were escorted to a quiet booth where a bottle of champagne and a dozen red roses were waiting for me. We sat, looked in each other's eyes and when the server neglected to give us menus, I knew what was next. My wife had pre-ordered our meal. Of course she did.
Lobster bisque
Shrimp cocktail
A 5 lb lobster, split and cracked for us by the staff
A filet mignon cooked to perfection
Pardon me while I wipe the drool from my keyboard.

Every single server in the restaurant walked by our table a least 1 time to check us out, and most of them stopped, briefly, to wish us a happy anniversary. It was all very sweet.
My beautiful bouquet...
After guessed it! Off to the Gold Bar for an after dinner drink and people watching.
We sat and talked and looked into each other's eyes and up other women's dresses (hehe). We chatted with our new friends, drank some more, then off to bed.

Got up, packed, coffee, pool, rumrunners. Back to the room to change and off to the airport. SIGH!

Here's our favorite bar - it has stools in the water and a waterfall nearby to refresh yourself.


K J and the kids said...

I was with you. I mean, I felt like I was there. The descriptions were the best. I could almost TASTE the filet mignon. not the lobster and shrimp...I don't do seafood..but SO eating the stake and smelling the flowers.
OOOOH! how I love living vicariously through you both.
you know, since we will never have such an opportunity. (deep sigh)
Maybe next time you could sneak us in your luggage. ya ?

So glad you had a good time. SO glad that you were able to celebrate your 5th in style.
(selfishly) glad that you are home :)

DM & C said...

Oh I am sooooo jealous! That trip sounds like sheer heaven! M and I really want to plan a get away soon, and the sun and fun sure sounds inviting. Maybe you can give us some pointers!

K J and the kids said...
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hotomiky said...

Whoooo... what a fun! I feel like that Im there...

Food, Water, environment - look so beautiful...

Glad you both had a blast time.

Pictures make us miss you all more..

by the way - cindy reminded me of Xena

K J and the kids said...

OH Toni Toni Toni !!!

K J and the kids said...
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Amy said...

KJ you are such a pig. I knew there was a reason I liked you.

Oh, and I agree.

ECand3 said...

I knew it was a mistake to do as I was told. I never obey!
But thankyou, everyone, for your welcome compliments. Do you know how hard it was to hoist those babies into those cups? My neck still has a trench in it from the strings. Ouch!

nailgirl said...

Oh and I wanted to add..... That whole people watching thing...... Right up my alley.

MizB said...

Ohhhh!!! Lobster and WHAT a straw-
berry margarita. yum! Beautiful scenery. Sounds heavenly!!! A great vacation.

Holly said...

Wahoo!!! Looks like an awesome and AMAZING time!
Love the pinup picture! SEXY!

And the margarita pics are priceless!

K J and the kids said...

I took my comments off because this is a family blog.
Sorry for being a pig !

nailgirl said...


ECand3 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ECand3 said...

What the hell was I thinking!!!!!

OK all you little piggies, I can no longer be fodder for your lustful musings. I have removed all pix of a certain questionable nature.
Now someone else post a pic for me to look at, would ya!

Kim said...

WOW! Looks like a GREAT time!

nailgirl said...

WHAT! YOU removed them??? K started it!

K J and the kids said...

umm, I'm TOTALLY ok with you removing the pictures from your blog...because, well...they were nasty. Will you PLEASE forward them to my email address.
You have it already !

peace and love !

ECand3 said...

OK, I forwarded the pix - you can send a check or money order. You know the address. It will go toward those plane tickets to Utah.

Amy said...

KJ- I meant you being a pig in the most complimentary way. Don't apologize.

K J and the kids said...

I am TOTALLY ok with that. I noticed you threw in a few extra's.
THAT'S gonna cost me !
Did Cindy KNOW you were taking those pictures ? Holy shit !

ECand3 said...

No apologies - OINK!
K-cindy set up the tripod and camera.

nailgirl said...

I'll take some pics, and can you autograph them please?