Thursday, October 11, 2007

Growing Up Way Too Fast

Olivia went to the pumpkin patch yesterday with her class. It was pouring outside, so I had to find her rain boots from last year and prayed they would still fit. She was so excited to wear them, but when I finally located the little buggers, I noticed something that had escaped me for the last year that she has been wearing them - they were different sizes. Olivia stuffed her left foot into the smaller boot and she was off. Thankfully she was not in pain form her toes being squished, as I knew they were. She grabbed her beloved lunchbox and we were off. She was so excited to carry her lunchbox.
On the way home, we stopped at the store to buy a pair that fit, as we are expecting a lot of rain this week. These are the cutie patootie boots she picked out. Yes, I made sure both boots are the same size. On the way home from the store, she fell asleep in the minivan, clutching her lunchbox tight.
My babies are growing up - they are starting to hold their bottles by themselves, with a little prodding from Mama (thank goodness!) You'll notice Emma takes the entire nipple in her mouth - not the dainty flower she appears to be.
Jake and Emma wrestled a little yesterday and kept grabbing this little thingie from each other. I guess it was a preview of things to come.
Today we met a friend of mine at the Par.ty Gym and OG and Mikey played for a couple hours. I finally go a picture of me with the 2 babies. Jake took the opportunity to spew all over himself and me immediately before the 1st picture. Nice aim!
OG fell asleep on the way home and continued her nap for another hour. When she got up, she decided it was time to learn to write her letters. Here she is practicing. This makes me feel like she is growing up way too fast. (sniff sniff).


nailgirl said...

Aww I love the rain boots. I also cant believe how bigger the little an is from the princess.

K J and the kids said...

LOVE the pictures. Love the kids.
Those babies look like they've chunked up since the last time I saw them :(
Ship them to me so that I can get some sugar !

hotomiky said...

I love the rainboots. Mikaela has clog/shoes looks like cat (pink ones - couple years ago maybe 2 yrs ago) She saw the boot - she said I have same shoes but that is boot mine was a shoe. :o)

Smart Olivia! Shes growing fast!

Twins - oh gosh they are beautiful.. Wow, they can hold their bottles!

Holly said...

Love the boots!
And I love that the babies are wrestling! There will be much more of that down the road!

It's amazing how time flies with your children. Andrew's only 8 months old and when I got home from work the other day, he was wearing little running sneakers, jeans and a shirt. And he looked longer than normal. All of a sudden, I gasped thinking he didn't look so much like a baby at that moment!

DM & C said...

Oh my goodness, K is right....the babies are so big! That's it....we need to get together again. Callie is packing her bags and wants to come to "New Jersbey"

Tammy said...

I love those new boots--where did you get them? I have been hunting for rainboots for Kaitlyn and cannot find them. The babies are definitely getting chunka munka!

Babykins said...

Twins are getting so big and feeding themselves. Love those boots, So cool!

Twins & 2 Moms said...

Rain boots are darling.. I can't believe you didn't even notice the different sizes last year.. LMAO!
Wow.. Watch out for those cute little twins and fighting over the same toy already.. LOL! It's so fun!
I was looking at your past blogs because I've been slacking lately and there are some darling pictures.. I love your hair short.. You're family is just darling..

MizB said...

How adorable the twins and Olivia are. They are growing up so fast. I noticed that Olivia is also called OG. What does the G stand for?

ECand3 said...
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ECand3 said...

Wow - everyone thinks the babes are chunking up - I guess I don't notice cuz I see them all day. My only measure is that they grow out of their clothes so fast.

Mizb - OG is for Olivia Grace - we have called her that since the day she was born - a long with a few other choice nicknames.

KJ - MWAAAAAAA (that's from the babes)

Twins&2moms - I am the original slacker - no worries. I am letting my hair grow now cuz I want my sexy ack, but I LOVED my super-blonde spiky do - so easy - and it suits my wacky personality.
Thanks for the compliment on the family

Julieta said...

How cute! I love the pics... you have an awesome family!

I've been reading your blog for a while and I have to tell you that I just love it!