Friday, October 19, 2007

Chicken Dancing

Yesterday was fun. Our niece came to visit with her little girl, baby Ava. Her son was in school, but Olivia was home and we had a chance for the babies get to know each other and for Olivia to hang with Ava.

After she left and everyone napped (sort of, but not really), we had lots of playtime. Olivia was all about her chicken and we danced and danced and danced and danced (you get the picture). Then he got tired and needed a nap, so we all had to be quiet. She shushed the babies and me about 20 times before it was all over.

Then we had a photo shoot for everyone before Mommy got home from work.Is he a handsome devil or what!!!!!! A bit of a ladies man if you ask me. He knows just when to flash the dimple.Nice nose! Can you tell that Emma only likes her orange veggies? She gags on anything green (hmmmm)And, of course, the little monkey posed for a few herself.
Uh, where did she get this pose from?


nailgirl said...

I cant believe how much Jake looks like Kyron in these pics! Oh and Emma looks just like Olivia!

Ali said...

Beautiful kids...those eyes!

ajs4ever said...

Beautiful pics!!

K J and the kids said...

LOVE those dimples. I want to EAT them of of his FACE ! yummmmm !

Sydney was an orange face kid too. She ate her greens too...I never could figure it out. :)

I know I say it every time...but KISS THEIR FACES for me !

ECand3 said...

Thanks everyone. Of course, I think they are beautiful, but I am a might partial to them.
K - big hugs and kisses right back to ya and Jake made a special post just for you.

hotomiky said...

Wow!! Jake looks like Kyron... ARe you sure that you didnt take my baby? :o)

Miss those cutie pie kids!

ECand3 said...

Ummmmm - no comment on the baby-stealing accusation. If I could, I woud steal them all!