Monday, July 23, 2007

The Week In Review

I guess I've been MIA for a while, but I haven't had anything really exciting to say. OK, that's a lie. Maybe nothing that's happened may be exciting for you, but I had one thrill after another last week.

Rides, Rides and More Rides
It all started last Tuesday when the 3 kids, my 12-year old mother's helper and I hopped in the car and went down to Point Pleasant Boardwalk to meet a friend of mine and her son. We bought wristbands for $15 and the kids were able to ride all day. Olivia had never been there and the only rides she was ever on are the carousel and the firetruck that rocks back and forth at the mall, so I wasn't sure how she would like it. It was 90 degrees with 93% humidity, so I wasn't sure how the babies and I would hold up, but we did just fine and Olivia didn't care. She had a blast. I realized something funny, which I didn't notice it at the time. All the rides are EXACTLY the same. As I showed Cin the videos I shot, she started laughing and pointed out that they all do the same thing - go around in a circle. The kids don't seem to mind and I guess if I were 3, I wouldn't care either.

Our Newest Arrival
My search for the perfect stroller was finally over. Olivia usually walks, but there are times I would like her to be in the stroller, like when we are in a crazy crowd or when she gets tired. I researched for weeks and looked at every make and model that was suitable for 2 babies and a toddler. I made my mind up - I wanted the Trimode Runabout Twin. It is a double jogger with 2 swiveling front tires and a toddler seat that attaches in a flash, among other amazing features. It drives like a dream!

However, I was NOT going to pay $659 for any stroller, plus $100 for the toddler seat, not unless it had a motor and I could hop on, too. So I needed to find a used one.I looked high and low and on E.bay and Crai.gslist. I missed out on 4 or 5 strollers by a day or 2 because I found it impossible to log on 5 times a day to check on new postings. Oh well. Finally I saw an auction for a used one, so I waited it out and bid right before I went to bed on Saturday because the auction was ending at 10:15 Sunday morning. After a long and torturous 12 hours, it happened. I won! I was elated and emailed the seller. To my shock, she emailed me back and let me know that she made a mistake and meant to put a "reserve" price on the auction, which was $45 more than my winning bid. I was PISSED! If she could afford to buy this thing new and sell it after 4 months because she wanted a different stroller, why did she need my stinking $45?????? I wasn't gonna pay it! While I was figuring out what to do, she emailed me twice and applied the pressure. I was out of my mind. I didn't know what to do, but I knew I didn't want to be extorted, which is what she was doing, telling me she had another buyer who was willing to pay $500, bla, bla, bla. So I did it. I gave in and paid the extra $45, cuz I wanted it soooooooooo bad. I had to have it. So on our way down to the boardwalk on Tuesday, I picked up our new stroller. I am so in love.
Diamonds Are NOT A Girl's Best Friend
A rug shampooer is...
I got this baby for my birthday last year. I have used it at least 10 times since, even on my furniture. On Wednesday, I took Olivia to school, dropped Max off at play group, came home and went to work.

Mall Walker
On Thursday, it was not very nice out, so I decided to get my exercise in the mall. So I packed up all 3 kids and headed off to the mall (with my new stroller, of course) to power walk. 4 hours later I came home with 3 little trinkets made with shells that Olivia helped me pick out at a kiosk. She is modeling her favorite.

I was stopped by every woman (and 1 man) with more than 1 child so she could ask about my baby, I mean stroller. A mother couldn't be more proud!

Ahhhh, Sweet Air
Vanity is setting in and I have decided to get my teeth "fixed". There's nothing really wrong with them, but I wanted to have my silver fillings replaced with tooth-colored fillings. I had my 1st 2 done 2 Fridays ago and had 3 done last Friday. I have 3 left and can't even wait. They should be done within the month. I'll spare you the pictures. My dentist gave me sweet air and I'll never have work done without it again. The drilling drives me crazy. Without the sweet air, I get so anxious and my whole body clenches. Speaking of clenching, he said I clench and grind pretty badly, so he ground down my back molars and it has helped so much. Now if only he could prescribe the pretty pink pills.

Another Family Reunion
On Saturday we went to a family reunion for Cin's dad's side of the family. Nothing to report here. Just a gorgeous day of swimming and fun. Here are my 2 fave pix from the day - Olivia in the ladybug and Cin's cousin wearing Jake's hat.

Just One More Thing
Cindy HAD to do it. She had to get a pool for Olivia. So on Sunday, she "ran out" to pick up a few things and came back with a 12' x 16' piece of turf to lay down next to the play area so we could put a pool on it. There was no room left in the minivan for the pool, so I had to "run out" and get one later that day. I did. It's adorable, so much fun. Pix to come.


nailgirl said...

FIRST OF ALL THAT STROLLER IS THE BOMB DA BOMB! It also sounds like you have been busy.

K J and the kids said...

I have NEVER in my LIFE seen such a GREAT piece of CONSTRUCTION on wheels as that COOL ASS FUCKING STROLLER !!! I looooooove it (wheezy on dragon tails)
Seriously...that is coming home with me in September. I don't have $500.00.
I'm CERTAIN my wife can get that baby for 100 bucks. :) ok..maybe not..but by GOD we are going to try. I can't stand how much I ENVY you right now.
I have a double stroller and Syd sits on the handle bars facing me :) SO getting the looks of disapproval from the other moms...hey...kiss my ass...I've got three babies and a double fuckin' stroller.

Love the pictures. I can't believe you've been holding back on OG for this long. No pony rides, no big carnival slides, no ferris wheels. COME ON !!!
Y'all need to head out to Utah...we'll show you carnival rides that will make your HEADS spin :) literally.

AND...while you are can clean my floors with that kick ass steam cleaner. :)

Glad you got the pool. She will love it.

BITCHES. Bitches. bitches.

ECand3 said...

Nailgirl - it IS da bomb!

KJ - A 3-baby stroller is sooooo cool. I have a double, too and we do some unique things with Olivia too. However, I would give you the MOST disapproving look you have ever seen - one that would make your skin crawl. Then I'd go home and copy your idea.
When Olivia jumps up and down and hangs her body backward over her seat and her hair is in the babies eyes, don't ya think I get some looks that could kill? You betcha! But she's having a good time and nobody's getting hurt, so too fuckin' bad!
In September, you and I can jump in and J and Cin can push. Cool?
I'm coming to Utah - pck me up at the airport. OK? Wait. Do you have an airport?
When I want my head to spin, I drink cosmos - it's easier - and more fun for me.
I would clean your floors anytime!
OG had a pool last year, jsu smaller. We also to the town pool, but this pool is the shit - it's a pirate ship.
When you come, you can push the stroller if you want - what will you give me?

K J and the kids said...

Do the 2 baby seats sit up when they get older.
I showed J and she laughed at the my wife will get it for 100 bucks :)
She will too damn it.
Does it fit in most door ways and between racks in a clothing store ?
Are the tires rubber ?

I will FEED you cosmos while being driven by J and Cin. I think that sounds like a freaking BLAST.
I speak the front seat !!

To answer your question. People respond to my blog because they feel required to as I comment on theirs. It's all out of guilt and responsibility.
Personally....I enjoy reading everyone else's blogs. It is my obsession. my daytime soap operas. my, mommy has dealt with too many screaming babies...I need to talk to adults now, time. :)

Tracerhawk said...

We have a Valco with toddler seat too and LOVE IT. I researched high and low and told my girl (your new stalker Amy) that this was the stroller we MUST have. I hunted on ebay for a good deal too. They have excellent resale value as well. When we go out we get comments all the time too, especially with the toddler seat on.

My only complaint is the seats aren't adjustable. Otherwise it is easy to use, fits through standard doorways and is wonderful "off road". We aren't using it as much lately since the twins want to walk everywhere but you will totally get your money's worth.

And we only comment on KJ's blog because of peer pressure. :)

KJ - are you coming east in Sept?

Dee said...

Wow. I'm exhausted just reading your post. You are busy women!

The rides all being the same CRACKS ME UP! It doesn't take much to entertain at that age does it?

Your stroller frickin' rocks!

You remind me of Shelly. I use to always joke that she cleans the carpets more than she vaccuums them.

nailgirl said...

I heart that stroller! I might need to get me one.

ECand3 said...

Tracerhawk - You are the only one I know who has one. I knew there was a reason I was drawn your girl.

Your seats don't sit up straight? Weird. What year is it? Did you buy a used one or new? How long have you had it?
And the resale value is awesome - I know cuz we paid it.

Dee - I am a vacuuming/carpet and floor cleaning freak. It started when my first was born.
I still laugh about the rides.

nailgirl - get it. Maybe a bunch of bloggers can get together and buy them at a bulk rate.

K - Where do I begin?
The 2 seats recline completely flat and sit fully straight for when they get older.

The stroller fits through standard doorways. We also have the Pe.g Per.ego Aria and the is the same width, but it looks soooooo much bigger.

I haven't had it in the usual stores yet, just in the mall and outside. We did go into a small boutique today and I was able to maneuver through the racks pretty well. I think it would be fine in a store like Target, etc., except in the heart of the clothing department because the racks are SOOOOO close together. It would be totally fine down all the other aisles, though.

All the wheels are rubber and take air, and they even give you he pump! As they should for the price. Actually, they should also include a hottie blowup doll to do the pumping for you.

If you feed me cosmos while J and Cin push us, I'll buy you Light and a hat to hang it in and the straw to drink it from so you can drink while you feed me mine. Then I'll never let you go home.

I guess I shouldn't be so lame and start commenting on all the other blogs I read. It just seems that as soon as i am done reading, someone needs me and I have no time to write.

Amy said...

Your blogger stalker here. My girl, Tracerhawk, is prone to smoke a bit of crack sometimes. The seats are adjustable just not as easy to do when loaded up with the twins. On each side of the seats there are 2 zippers that when both are unzipped they lay flat. When one is unzipped they are partially reclined. Today we discovered (I think you motivated her to use it) that once the 2 are zipped there is an additional strap that can be tightened to sit them up even more.

I think we bought it new. May have been a previous year model but was new in box. It took her awhile to talk me into it since it is a it pricy. Well worth it. Maneuvers easily around most anything and rolls like a dream on grassy terrain.

KJ must not have paid any attention to our tag line on our blog. Under the name of our blog it says "You should see our stroller". It is in reference of course to the one and only Val*co. IT ROCKS. And if she thinks J will be able to find it for $100, then she is smoking crack too.

Did you check out the blog yet? Leave just a quick comment when you do so I know you are reading.

Love ya...

ECand3 said...

Hey BS (blog stalker) - I read your blog while you were commenting here - same wave length I guess.
I don't know if I have zippers on the side. Ours has straps in the back of each seat for adjusting. I'll have to look for zippers, too. We didn't get the manual, which I desperately need, so I will have to call them and get one.
Ours is the 2007 model, which I did not know until after I got it. It has really cool new features, like locking and 45 degree swivel on the wheels and some other stuff I saw on the video on the website.
I still can't figure out how to fold it right, though. The bottom of the basket doesn't fold flat.
$100 for the stroller is a little bit of a crack-induced idea, but maybe J is paying the rest off in trade.
K - could it be?

Tracy said...

I think ours is a 2005. I bought it after the 2006 models were out. It got it from a supplier who was trying to get rid of his inventory. I think I have an extra manual if you can read French! The basket is tricky on ours too. It has to fold up before laying flat. I have only taken out one rack of clothing when shopping, I can go into most stores but it gets more challenging as they start to get more coordinated and can reach out. It took me almost 6 months to find the air pump for the tires. If you hit the twin mom's over there swear by them. I do too now.