Monday, July 30, 2007

Getting the Twins to Sleep

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions!
There was too much here to put in the comments, so I made a blog of it.
Amy/Tracerhawk - I SOOOOO appreciate ALL the info. It was really sweet of you to put it ALL down for me. I haven't been as vigilant as I should be with the Pepcid b/c they were not in pain from the reflux anymore - so I thought. Maybe they are and since I can't know, I went back to our regimen with it yesterday and will continue until whenever.
Tammy - You better get that kid some sleeping pills!
I have tried everything that everyone told me - either the last few days or before that. I even tried the dreamfeeding last night - thanks Stef, but no go.
So, last night I put my foot down. After their last feeding at 10 PM, which included cereal in their bottles, I put them down. At 11:30, when I was about to pass out, I went in and let each suck on a bottle to their hearts content. Emma ate about 3 oz (I guess b/c she didn't each much at 10)and Jake ate just 1 1/2.
I thought I was in for a good night's sleep. NOT!
Jake woke screaming at 2:50. I went in, quieted him and went back to bed. I was determined. I guess his passie fell out and he started screaming again in 2 minutes. I shut off the monitor for a few minutes and turned it back on to see if he stopped. Nope. Shut it off. Turned it on. Shut it off. Turned it on. And so it went until 4:15. They took turns screaming, mostly Jake, though. Then it stopped. It was quiet, until 5:15, a which point I got up and fed them. I was lucky Olivia never woke from the noise. They slept til 8:45 this morning, which is unheard of. They usually get up at 5:30, after eating at 2-2:30 and don't go back to sleep until around 8.
I put them down for a nap at 11 and they woke and cried a couple times, but I didn't get them out of their cribs until 1. I think they got a decent nap and I will put them down again later this afternoon.
I think I'm just going to have to force the issue and hope they adjust. We need a schedule and if I have to be a mean mommy to get one, then so be it. I spent a good part of last night crying - for them and for me and I felt really bad this morning for doing it. I just don't think I am useful at all to them if I am exhausted all day long because I'm not sleeping because they're not sleeping.
Everyone PLEASE keep your fingers crossed for me tonight. I need all the help and luck I can get.

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Tracerhawk said...

We have everything crossed here for you! Keep up the Pep.cid dosing as it could very well be playing a part. Linus was his worst at night. Sleep training sucks so much. Hang in there.