Monday, July 9, 2007

Birthday Weekend

The Best Friends a Girl Could Ever Have
On Friday night, I got one of the best presents there is. A few of my friends came over and brought all the food, cooked it, cleaned up and held, fed and occupied the babies the whole time they were there - about 5 hours. As you can see in the picture, there are 3 children and no Mommies. There is also an empty martini glass on the table and yes, my cosmo used to be in it. It was awesome. I got a few nice gifts, including a gift card to TJ Maxx and a really nice bottle of vodka for my cosmos. My friends really do know me so well.

Cindy got me my favorite cake - cake batter ice cream with a center of smashed Oreos. Olivia helped me blow out the candles. Now remember, I am on a diet, so I only had a very small piece, I swear!

Cin couldn't wait until Sunday to give me my present, so she whipped it out on Friday night. WOW! It was a huge surprise. We stopped doing the jewelry thing when the kids started coming. It is a stunning piece and this picture does NOT do it justice. The 3 stones are a ruby and 2 aquamarines, the birthstones of our children. Each is a 1 karat stone in a different shape representing their different personalities. Cin designed it herself. I LOVE IT! Thanks, Baby!

Princess Dresses and Scratchoffs
On Saturday we went down to Cin's brother's house to celebrate the July birthdays - mine, Olivia's and Cin's brother, J. J and I got funny cards and scratchoffs as usual and Olivia got awesome gifts, including a hippity hop, a dollhouse and a few princess dresses and all the necessary accessories. She was out of her mind with excitement and didn't take one of the dresses for the rest of the day and then put it back on as soon as she woke on Sunday morning.

That night we stayed at Cin's eldest brother's and his wife offered to watch all the kids while we went out. So we showered, dressed and I even put on a little makeup. We went to a nice dinner at a restaurant right on the beach and I had my annual Lobster and filet mignon birthday dinner. Another of Cin's brothers is a partner in a bar right on the boardwalk, so we headed over there for a few drinks and to see the fireworks that had been cancelled on the 4th. When we got home, all the kids were fed and asleep for the night. Perfect!
Premature Evacuation
Cin did the middle of the night feeding and let me sleep in on Sunday morning. Olivia came up and woke me at 8:30. I couldn't believe what time it was. We hung out with Cin's brother and sister-in-law for the rest of the morning, then we went to Cin's 25th high school reunion. As anticipated, Cin was miserable and we left early. In a moment of craziness a few weeks ago, she decided we should go. It was a family picnic setting, so we thought it would be fun. However, she didn't know or talk to most of these people in high school and was quickly reminded of why. The few people who were there that she was friends with are women we see anyway, so it was a huge waste of time. It was hot and sticky and Olivia hadn't napped and it had been a long weekend, so we just wanted to get home and relax. We bailed after 2 hours, drove home, fed Olivia, put her to bed, fed the babies, ordered a movie and had sushi for dinner and just relaxed. It turned out to be the perfect birthday evening.


nailgirl said...

What a fun weekend and love the pictures. You guys look great!

K J and the kids said...

What a rockstar awesome birthday weekend. Seriously....could it have BEEN any better ?
You have the BEST friends.

Ok....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the necklace. Kiss Cin for me for that one ! Seriously....(stopped myself....I was going to say something really nasty. I will email it instead)

Take two. ahem. It is BEAUTIFUL...and the thought that she put in to it is more than amazing, it took my breath away.

25th huh ? Not to mention your age or anything. RIGHT !

You both look absolutely BEAUTIFUL in your pictures. You make a very handsome couple.
Thanks for posting them.

Dee said...

Great pictures! Wondeful friends and family! It sounds like a FANTASTIC weekend!!!

The necklace ROCKS!!!!!!! I love it! How amazing is it that she designed it herself.

ajs4ever said...

Happy Birthday!! Seems like you had a fantastic time:) I love the necklace-- your honey sure did a great job! I love all the pics!!

hotomiky said...

Happy Birthday!!!

What a beautiful necklace! I really like it very much!!