Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Day At The Zoo

I called my friend, T, first thing in the morning to see if her 3 kids were feeling better and if they wanted to get together to play. She said they were going to the zoo and asked if we'd like to go. Sure, why not? So I started getting us together. She called me back to tell me her friend was coming with her 2 kids. Great! The more, the merrier.
And we were off.

We got to the zoo about 11 am and started on or way around to see all the animals. It's a small zoo, so I planned on walking around for a couple hours, eating lunch, riding the train and then going home so Olivia could take her nap (which never happened by the way).

We were - 8 kids under 6, 3 moms and 2 double strollers having one hell of a good time. The kids were excited, the weather was hot, but not humid and everyone had their happy faces on. And that's the way it stayed for he next 3 hours. No crying, no whining, no screaming or fighting. It was glorious and I have to give it up for the kids and the moms. Everyone was very well-behaved and it made for a fabulous day.

Here are some pictures I got before my camera went dead because I forgot to charge it. Of course! They are self explanatory.


K J and the kids said...

WOW !!!! I LOVE this post for a number of reasons.
A) GREAT pictures

Are you kidding me. 3 hours. THREE FUCKING HOURS !!! That is wonderful.

Glad you had such a good time at the Zoo.

nailgirl said...

Wow, great pics sounds like a fun day. Right now it is too damn hot to go to the zoo here. It is over 100!

ajs4ever said...

Sounds like fun ws had by all!! What a great trip:)