Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Lazy Day Post

This was a really lazy day. The air is cool and damp, the sky is grey and nobody is having a party for the 4th. Olivia and the babies got me up early this morning, so I pulled out the camera and started taking pictures.

Jake was happy - hanging out in the vibrator seat while Emma took a catnap in the swing. He was amazed by the fishes.

Then he got bored and started yawning and I told him to entertain himself. He pretended to be Popeye and he found his thumb. Finally! I am so sick of the passie!

Then Emma woke up because Olivia started yelling about a big bird in the backyard. She really wanted Emma to see it, so she climbed up on the couch next to Olivia and they spent a few minutes looking out the window.

Then I thought it would be cute to take a picture of all the kids' feet. No, I don't know why. I just love their feet.

When Cindy got up, we took a walk around the park this morning, which turned out to be 4 miles long. When we came home, a bunch of kids were playing next door. It's the house in the neighborhood where all the kids congregate.

This is Nicholas. He LOVES Olivia and wanted her to come play. So she did.

They have great toys and stuff, like the big bouncy house. So they climbed in and started jumping around. But then, one of the big kids thought it would be fun to turn off the compressor. Not funny! The dad next door was mad. Thank God it wasn't Olivia who did it.

Then Olivia came home because Mimere (one of her Grandmas) came over. OG has started discovering her body and spent a few minutes lifting her shirt and checking out the reflection of her belly and her butt in the door window. No, I have absolutely no idea where she gets this behavior from.



K J and the kids said...

Lazy day. You walked 4 miles....that is TOTALLY not lazy.

Love the pictures. VERY cute kids.

If Olivia is caught saying...."what do you think...does my butt look big in these pants..?" you are in BIG trouble :)

Happy 4th !!!

ECand3 said...

The walk did feel great - my legs didn't know what hit them. Cindy has much longer legs and it was a really fast pace. I'm sure tomorrow will bring pain in muscles that I forgot existed.

"Do these pants make my butt look fat?"
"No, your fat makes your butt look fat."
I hope the day never comes. However, she is doing way more body exploration than we are ready for at the moment. But that's a post for another day.

Raining - no fireworks tonight )-:

hotomiky said...

Wow you walked 4 miles. That is def. not lazy! LoL

Cute kids! Good Pictures!

Happy 4th!

nailgirl said...

Loved the pics thanx!

ajs4ever said...

I love all the pictures especially the one of all the kids feet- too cute!!