Friday, May 4, 2007

Much Ablog About Nothing

So I've been accused of being a lazy blogger (you know who you are). Perhaps I am. Problem is, the time I would use to blog I seem to use for other things. For example...
Vaccuuming - but why? The floor just gets dirty again.
Dishes - but why? They pileup again in no time.
Cleaning the bathroom - but why? As soon as I turn around, I could gather enough hair from the floor to make a wig, the toilet insists on wearing it's ring, and the glass shower doors - WTF!!!! They just don't ever get clean. Water spots my ass - it's some kind of alien fungus or something.
Laundry - need I say more?

Putting clothes away - but why? I have to pull them out of the drawers again to wear them.
Making dinner - but why? We eat it and it's gone with nothing to show for it, except our big asses. OK, not SO big, but we could stand to lose the baby weight, so skipping a few dinners wouldn't kill us.
Paying bills - but why? They never seem to go away.
Mowing the lawn - but why? The grass just keeps growing.
Weeding - but why? They just come back.
Patching and reseeding my lawn (every F-in' spring and fall) - but why? My bigass dog just runs around the tree like it's a racetrack and tears it to shreds all year long.
Feeding and changing the babies - OK, this I need to do, but they eat more than I do and as soon as the clean diaper is on, the grunting begins, the face gets red and I get a warm load of mush. Perfect timing!

Anyway, you get the point. Or maybe now I get the point. There's always somethng else I could be doing, but blogging is more fun!


K J and the kids said...

I blog because I shrug away responsibility.
I blog because I can
I blog because it's my outlet
I blog because I like to live vicariously through others
I blog because I'm nosey
I blog because I've got a lot to say (and nobody around here listens)
I blog because of people like you

hotomiky said...


nailgirl24 said...

I blog because it is a great outlet for me to express myself. I am also a very nosy person, and love to read about real life every day people.