Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Yardwork, Margaritas and Streetfairs

Another wonderful weekend here in the Garden State. The weather was a balmy 70 something on Saturday, great for yardwork and cooler on Sunday, perfect for walking around at the town streetfair.

We started by fixing our fence. With a 120 pound pup who likes to jump up to see over it and 3 kids next door who hang on it like monkeys, it had started to lean. We picked up some Quick-krete, busted out the shovels and started to dig around the posts. Of course, Olivia has her own tools and helped with the shoveling.

We mowed the lawn and weeded. Then it was time to break out the edger I bought last summer but never used. What a freakin' amazing tool! I LOVE my Edgehog!. I am a freak about having a manicured lawn, so I went to town. A first it gave me a fight, but once I was able to harness the power, we were fast friends and my edges were clean and crisp. We also fixed the little fence around the beds along the walk to the patio - it had fallen over last summer and we ignored it each of the thousand times we walked by it for a year. Whatever - we were growing babies, so who cared.

We settled on the patio and grilled up some wings and corn on the cob (again). Our beverage of choice - the lovely Margarita.

After dinner, we lit the chimenea and relaxed. Then off to bed. Perfect.

On Sunday it was off to the Cranford Streetfair. Of course, I forgot to bring my camera, so we had to wait to get home to take pictures of the kids. I missed getting a shot of Olivia on her 1st pony ride (what a loser I am). Guess I'll have to sit her on the dog's back and take a picture. While the twins slept, Olivia had a blast feeding the animals, riding the pony and getting her face painted. By the time we got home, she was pooped and went right for a nap - no arguments. Well, 1st I made her sit outside to take a picture of her butterfly face. Good thing, the nap took it's toll on the paint. You must ignore my hair. I am growing it out and it's in a "stage", a pretty frightening one.
While she slept, I snapped a few of the babies - my how they've grown, like the weeds that are no longer in my lawn.

Life is good when you're living the American dream.


nailgirl24 said...

What great pics, your children are beautif. Sounds like a great weekend.

hotomiky said...

Wow! GREAT pictures! Wish I could join and have a drink :o).

K J and the kids said...

I was TOTALLY going to email you and give you shit for not blogging. AND I was going to mention that we haven't seen recent pics ! Amazing...it's like you read my mind. I tried 3 times to send it before I noticed the message being displayed....saying that I've excceeded my limits in emails today. APPARENTLY I replied to an email to a friend and it sent the response to her like 150 times. NICE!
Darling pictures. You are SO butch...and I don't mean the picture, I mean the yard work and fence repair.
Your hair is much darker now...I thought you were more of a sexy blonde :)
Get the yard cleaned up and the margarita glasses filled...I'm comin' over !

Dee said...

Great pics!

MMMM...Margaritas. The pic on your blog looked so good I ordered one with dinner yesterday.