Saturday, May 26, 2007

Just Thinkin'

It's 8 o'clock on a gorgeous Saturday morning. The birds chirping, the sun shining, the Backyardigans singing in the background. Cin and the babies are sleeping and I start thinking. Nothing too deep, just that I love my life.
With all its' craziness, my life is good. It's exactly what I wanted it to be. And I was reminded of that as I sat here and looked through some pictures I took this week.

I used to take a lot of pictures. Ya know, 1st baby, changing every day. It's fun. Then, for some reason, I stopped. Then we had a hell of a year - Cin was in and out of the hospital for her back and related issues, then surgery, recovery, then we were trying to get pregnant again, then we did, then I was sick the whole time. So, needless to say, the camera barely saw the light of day for about a year.

But since I was coerced into Blogland, I have taken a lot of pictures. After all, a post with pictures is much more interesting.

Anyway, here are the pictures that reminded me of just how lucky I am.


K J and the kids said...

You ARE lucky ! We both are :)
I love the one of Olivia hamming it up, as well as the black and white. VERY cute pictures.
Thanks for sharing.

ECand3 said...

KJ - You are absolutely lucky!
OG is a huge ham - with cheese - lots of it.
Olivia tells me I'm a good sharer.

nailgirl said...

OMG!! How flippin cute!! I love the one of the baby asleep in the bjorn carrier, so cute.

hotomiky said...

Beautiful kids!!! Love those pictures!!!!

ECand3 said...

Nailgirl - He's in a sling - they are awesome for putting baby to sleep - back to the womb.

Hotomiky - I've been going crazy with the camera.