Sunday, April 29, 2007

Doggie Post

So, KJ made it impossible for me not to show off my boy, the furry one. OK, so Jake has fur too, but I am talking about Max, our Great Dane.
He was rescued from a pet store that was killing and bagging sick animals and putting them in the dumpster to rot. When he came to us, he had no manners at all. He was taken from his pack way too early and showed no signs of proper socialization. If we were going to keep him, we would have to invest some time and teach him to be a well-mannered member of the family, which, at the time, was just Cindy and me.
He was underweight, had mange, and no idea what it was to be pet and loved, having lived in a cage for most of his existence. So the training began. He was a nipper. Some people thinks it's cute when puppies nip, but a nip from a 12 week old, 30-pound puppy is NOT cute, especially on the inner thigh. Now he is 120 pounds of pure, unadulterated love.
He is jet black, although his face is beginning to show signs of aging, his chin is getting white. Sweet doesn't even scratch the surface when we're talking about Max. He is not the smartest dog, but actually quite dopey. He has the innocence of a child in his eyes and is gentle as a lamb. He is a haunt. He follows Olivia wherever she goes. when he's not tracking her, his nose is up my butt until Cindy gets home, then his nose is up her butt. When we are all in one room, he is in heaven, and plants himself smack in the middle of the 5 of us. It's when 1 or more of us leaves the room that his anxiety level begins to rise. Then he begins to pace, looking up the stairs or out the door, depending on where we have gone. He walks in circles and looks out the window until whoever left returns. He insists on being as close to the babies as he can get without actually lying on top of them.
He does like to sit on us, though. He is not allowed on the furniture, but he will back up to us when we are sitting and drop his behind in our laps. I love when he does that. I also love getting hugs. He will, on command only, hop up and place his paws on our shoulders - he even dances with us. When he does this, I have to look up to him - he stands about 6'2" on his hind legs.
He is very protective and gets crazed when anyone approaches any of "his people" quickly. He lets out a stern warning - GRRRRRR! As soon as we tell him it's ok, then it love time. He gets in close, gives a good sniff and proceeds to take a load off and lean on his newfound friend.
Enough gushing - we love him! Here are some pics. Some are from over a year ago, but he hasn't changed much. The Bull Mastiff with Max is his buddy, Kasha, my brother's dog - what a MUSH!


Mommy, Mama & Cubs said...

I love GREAT DANE!!!!!!!

I have been begging Hollie to get me one. She kept telling me that dog will take over the bed!

Beautiful Story of your precious Max!

Hopefully to get a GREAT DANE one of these days!

nailgirl24 said...

Omg!! that is the hugest dog that I have ever seen lol.

K J and the kids said...

I'm afraid you rescued a horse guys. That is no dog.
He's taller than Cindy standing on his hind legs.
What a cutie !
I've heard that great danes are big huge lovers....if you can get passed the ginormous poop :)

ECand3 said...

Mommy, etc - Get a Dane - you will never regret it! Just don't let him on the bed -we don't. He sleeps on the floor on his own bed - everyone is much happier.
KJ - Neigh! He is a HUGE lover and has poop to match!

Dee said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your post! max is a 10!!! I'd take him in a heart beat. That's all we need is one more dog. Thanks for sharing!!!

ECand3 said...

Dee - you are one of many to offer to take my boy. I'll have to kindly refuse the offer. But you can borrow him - pony rides for the kids.

K J and the kids said...

I just pulled your site up to see if you had posted again...Syd is sitting on my lap. She looks at the picture and says....oh look mommy a horse. :) ha ha ha
I am still laughing my ass off.

ECand3 said...

KJ - Funny how he looks like a normal size dog to us. It's only when other people refer to him as a horse that we remember how big he really is.

Stef said...

I would love a great dane.
So he is good with the kids? I worry about getting a dog from a kennel or shelter because of the risk of them being abused to where they would harm our daughter. I would LOVE a great dane.

Could you email me? I would love to talk to you about donor information etc. if you are willing.

Again.. I would love a great dane.!!!

Stef said...


I cannot find your email anywhere... Am i not looking well enough.. ???