Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Almost Famous

We're feeling pretty high on ourselves this weekend. My brother wrote a book, which is coming out in a few weeks, and asked us if we'd like to be on the cover.

The book is called "Everyday Law For Gays and Lesbians" and we even wrote an excerpt for one of the chapters.

We were going to have a family photo taken soon anyway, so we agreed and I was going to get a photographer and get some good shots. We found out on Friday night that the cover designer needed it by today, so we had to pull together some coordinating outfits and whip out the camera yesterday to take some family photos. Here are some photos from the shoot, including the cover shot. Big hugs and kisses to Gale for taking the pictures and for putting up with my meltdown when Olivia got marker on her blouse. Oh, and the Xanax - couldn't have done it without you! Mwwwwaaaaaa!

And here are a few more shots from the weekend.
Olivia has started reading books while she sits and waits for nature to take its course.
All my babies looked sooooooooo cute after their baths that we just couldn't resist.
Cindy and I realized we don't have many pictures of just us, so we took some.
We went to a birthday party for Cindy's twin nephews - they just turned 15 and are amazing young men. Can you say tall?
Here's us again with Cindy's niece, Kelly and a picture of her beautiful daughter, Ava.


Amy said...

What a beautiful family you have!!! Love the photos of the twins where the boy has his hand in his sister's face and the one of Olivia reading.

Interested in the book, where can I get more info in it?

Babykins said...

What an absolutely beautiful family you have. How exciting, hope the book is a best seller!

ECand3 said...

Thanks for the compliments. We had to take about 90 shots to get a few really good ones. the kids just didn't all cooperate at the same time.
Amy - which book? Olivia's or my brother's? (LOL) What kind of info did you want?
Jake is always puttig hishand over emma's mouth, telling her to shush - she's a screecher.

K J and the kids said...

Couldn't they have waited until next weekend to get a picture of the "WHOLE" family ? :)

LOVE the pictures. YIP, Jake is officially part of the Spencer, Kyron look alike club.
Maybe you can promote the book on Dateline next weekend ?

I have a picture of Syd on the toilet reading. She HAS to read when she's going # 2. :)
She will say..."give me my potty book and close the door please."
I will email it to you !! ha ha

Amy said...

LOL-- your brother's book. I kind of get what it is about by the title but would like to know more about it. You can email about it.

By the way, loved the "stool" stool. And what book is she reading? We have a photo of Pete and one of the Cup reading on the potty as well. At my folks, she plays yahtzee.

MizB said...

How exciting to have your pictures on the cover of a book. And what a lovely family. The children are just adorable.

Twins & 2 Moms said...

K and J talk about you so I thought I would come say hello..
Beautiful pictures of the family and your kids are too cute!
That's great you get to be on the cover of the book.. When you get more info on it, let us all know!

ECand3 said...

KJ - you know we are getting a shot of the WHOLE family - maybe I can get my bro to write another book and slip the pic in.

Amy - I guess the potty pic is a saple in the photo album. I have one of me at my Grandma's too.

Twins & 2 moms - HEY! I've been lurking on your blog - started commenting last week in the hopes of making some friends so I don't have to go on drugs for depression and anxiety (LOL). You all have me thinking of moving to Utah.

The book is due out in a couple weeks, and I am SOOOO blogging and bragging when it hits the shelves. Hopefully there will be a link to it that I can post.

Holly said...

You DO have such a beautiful family! Perfect for a book cover!!!!
Tell us when the book is available! Very cool!

Kim said...

Beautiful family! Love the pics. Thanks so much for sharing.

Can't wait to hear more about the book. Congrats on making the cover!

hotomiky said...

thats awesome!!!

Beautiful pictures! Wow!

cute olivia sitting on toliet reading

Mikaela did that all the time now she stopped :o(

let us know when the book releases

nailgirl said...

OMG BECKY!! such beautiful picstures. Let me know when the book is released.

Amy & Sharon said...

I am quiet the lurker of your blog. I love reading other lesbian parent blogs. Your pictures are amazing! You have the most beautiful family!!! Congrats with the book. I will be looking for it.

ECand3 said...

Hey everybody - thanks for all the wonderful comments on the pix and the interest in my brother's book.
I believe the release date is November 28th (thought it was October) and you can be certain I will blog about it as soon as it's out, although it is available to be pre-ordered on a few sites. I'm trying to get my bro to give me a cut since I can sell a few here on blogger, but he is resisiting - DAMN!

Nailgirl - Y are you calling me Becky? I know, too many bloggers - very confusing sometimes.

Sharon & Amy - welcone! I love lurkers who finally show their faces. I'll check you out, too.

ajs4ever said...

How cool about the book!! The pictures are beautiful-- you have a gorgeous family!!

TJM said...

What great pics! Olivia is a natural at modeling.