Wednesday, September 12, 2007

They're Here! They're Here!

KJ and the Kids have finally arrived.
I won! I won! I'm the 1st to blog and Karen is gonna be sooooooo mad. She was trying to sneak in some blogging last night when they were here and we all gave her shit about it, so she didn't. She did, however, manage to check in on some of your blogs that she just HAD to read. She is an addict for sure.

Back to the kids. OMG! Syd and Olivia were awesome together! They were like little wind up dolls and when one would start to slow down, the other would wind her right back up and off they'd go. SO MUCH FUN! They were crazies!

As for Cam and Spence, how precious are they! So sweet. I forgot how wonderful that age is - they explore everything and are so curious. I can't wait til Jake and Emma start walking.

My camera is not here - long story, but I will have it back today and that freak Karen didn't bring hers. WHAT! I know, I couldn't believe it either. We'll take some pix and post today.

Here are he highlights fro last night.

They got here late afternoon and we decided on pizza.
I called 4 different pizza places looking for someone who even heard of, forget about makes, Hawaiian pizza. Found one, ordered it and 2 other normal pies.
Sat in den, tried to eat and play and feed babies and keep toddlers from breaking bones and heads on tile floor. Almost worked. Poor Cam "fell" off the little trampoline and banged his head on the tile. The little champ is no worse for wear.
Time for dress up. OG and Syd pulled out the princess dresses and shoes and ruled the kingdom all night, of course.
Someone, who shall remain nameless, knocked over a glass and red wine went flying all over the wall and rug. Karen freaked! I guess my posts abut cleanliness and my "carpet issues" made her a little nervous. I pulled out the Oxy Power cleaner and it came right off the walls and out of the rug. Karen is now a believer in oxy power.
Kids ran around and played.
And ran around and played.
And played and ran around.
Gymnastics for Syd and Olivia and flipping on Karen's and my legs.
Cindy freaking out.
Cindy went to bed at 9.
Kids ran and played and played and ran around.
Karen felt guilty about leaving a mess and started cleaning up.
KJ and the kids left at 10.
Coming back today - can't wait!

As we sit here, Olivia is bugging me about when they are going to get here.


Kim said...

K didn't bring her camera!? WHAT!?! Ok then it's up to YOU to take and post so all of us in blogland can see yall together.

Enjoy your time together!

Tracerhawk said...

Glad to hear they made the trip in one piece. Hope your house stays in one piece during their time here. Good luck, which we were there too - sounds like fun.

nailgirl said...

E I didn't realize that you were in Nyc. I am so jealous have fun fun fun. Are they staying close to your place?

Holly said...

That is so awesome! It sounds like a total blast!
I was hoping to get down to NYC today or tomorrow to meet up with KJ too, but life seems to be intervening.
I hope you have another wonderful visit!
Post pics soon!

Babykins said...

Ohh 6, under one roof. Wow!!!!!! How wonderful:o) I want to see pics, can't believe K didn't bring her camera, no one had a cell phone:) Congratulations E, first to blog!!! I'm jealous jealous jealous.

ajs4ever said...

Sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to see some pics of you all together:)

kyky7079 said...

So great that you all are having a good time and that you got to meet in person! Can't wait for pics!

Jess said...

I just started reading your blog after reading K's. You have a super cute family! Sounds like you are having fun in NYC.