Monday, January 21, 2008

Where Does She Get This Stuff?

Saturday night...I go into my room to change for bed. I undress, go into our bathroom, sit on the toilet, trying to pee and to have a moment of peace. Olivia walks in, marches directly over to me, points at my chest and says with the straightest of faces, "Mama, your boobs are cranky."
"They're cranky. And they're on wrong. They should be there (pointing to my back)." She stands in front of me, staring, waiting for me to say something.
I think to myself, but I dare not reply out loud, "You would be cranky too if you looked like this. You just wait 'til you have kids and your boobs inflate and deflate, then inflate and deflate again. Then you come talk to me about my boobs being cranky".
I could do no more than look at her, using all my powers of perception, pondering her existence, staring into her eyes, through them, trying desperately to get inside her little head, wondering, "Who is this child and where did she come from".
After a moment of silence, she turns and leaves without another word.
I look down at my boobs.
Sadly, she's right. My boobs are very cranky.


Olivia's been telling us for weeks that her bed and her blankets are too small for her, so our project this weekend was giving her a big girl room. We had a day bed in her room BC (before children). We decided it would be best to use the trundle from the daybed rather than the bed with the frame since her room is so small. Cindy went and dragged the mattress out of storage this morning, then we went out shopping and OG chose a set for her new big girl bed. She also begged for a clock so she could learn to tell time and insisted that we hang it right next to her bed. Yippee! (insert sarcasm). Now I have to go learn how to teach a 3-year-old how to tell time. I have no clue! (Anyone?)
She also wanted the plaque that said, "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep." It's her special prayer that we say each night before bed. Of course, we got it.
We came home, cleared out the room, cleaned it, put the bed together, put the new linens on, rearranged the furniture and hung the clock. She LOVES it! She was so excited to sleep in it that she voluntarily went in her room and took a nap this afternoon.
It really looks so sweet. This picture doesn't do it justice, but it's the best one I could get.


Mimi said...

I hated when my children got their BIG just means they're getting the room....toooo cute

Tammy said...

She will continually amaze you-this is just the beginning! Love the room.

DM & C said...

Olivia is so AMAZING! She wants to learn how to tell time at age 3!?!??! You may have a genius on your hands, and how funny about the boobs! Callie was asking why mine were so big the other day, and I had to laugh that she actually thought they were! Sadly, they are like shriveled plums! (ok...too much information) Love the room though, and miss those sweet little faces!

K J and the kids said...

She has GREAT taste. the room looks awesome.
As far as telling time...oh good lord. Syd will tell time in money, halves sometimes....the whole number concept is hard to keep straight.

Your boobs are cranky. Try having two full of hormones and 3 children who feel it in their nature to climb and hang from them. OUCH !
I'm sick of my boobs hurting.

Olivia is a crack up. Kiss her. when she wakes up from her nap.

nailgirl said...


Babykins said...

Boobs thing Too cute. My oldest wants big ones like mine that hang down so he can feed his babies. Then he tells his brothers how Mama used to feed them milk, usually in public places. The things kids say.

OG's so sweet, her room is gorgeous.

Before the sun's up, my 4yr old, sticks his face in mine and says its 5..3..2 (5:32am) wake up I need to be wiped.

Ali said...

I love those linens too! Olivia has great taste :-)

Speechless about the cranky boobs and why they should be behind you ???

Dee said...

She is adorable! And the room is darling!!!