Monday, January 28, 2008

10 Months Stats and a Mini Vacation

The babies' 9 month checkup was on Friday, a month late, due to the fact I can only take them on a Friday between 11am and 1pm because Cindy works from home on Fridays and will only go with me on her lunch hour and I WILL NEVER (repeat, NEVER!) take them by myself again after the fiasco at their 7 month checkup, when they were still in their carrier seats, by the way, and now they aren't, which makes it 100 times more difficult to get them from the minivan into the office because there isn't a ramp, only steps to get in the door, which is entirely thoughtless, but I love this Dr., so I suffer through it, just as you suffered through this run-on sentence from hell. beans are growing well, but Emma is still a peanut and Jake is a tall skinny boy. He's built just like Max (our dog).

weight - 16 lbs 15 oz (10th percentile)
height - 28" (50th percentile)
head - 17.5" (30th percentile)

weight - 19 lbs (15th percentile)
height - 29 7/8" (85th percentile)
head - 17 7/8" (50th percentile)

Here they are - posing as usual.

Emma does tricks on demand...
Jake...not so much - he just looks at the camera and smiles. His hair is growing back and I can't stop rubbing his head.

We went to the Catskills this weekend to our friends' house for a mini getaway without the kids. While we were there, we did nothing but relax, relax and relax. We got to see a movie in an actual theater - the 1st in many many months. We saw WARNING***Do not see this movie if there is the tiniest little piece of you that wants another baby. I was balling and am now ACHING to be pregnant and give birth again.
These are our hottie boyfriends, David and Dan.

This is Cindy's other boyfriend, Treemon.


K J and the kids said...

They are peanuts. I can't WAIT to peel and eat them both :)

JUNO ROCKED !! ROCKED. loved that movie.
Hard subject material.
So glad you got away and had a good weekend. I hope you made the most of your time alone together ! ;)

nailgirl said...

Cute, cute pics. I cant believe that they are already 10 months old. Where does the time go? I want to see Juno so bad.

Tammy said...

I still cannot believe how little hair Jake has! How sweet are they??!!! You are right, tree faces are creepy!

Dee said...

Wonderful pics of the kidlets. They are ADORABLE!

Your get away sounds really, really nice. I'd love a another get away.

AND finally, I hope we get to meet when you make your voyage out west!

Babykins said...

Ohh what precious little ones. Too Cute!