Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beginning of the End

Well, it happened. Last night I was on the floor with Emma and Olivia just hanging out. Emma kept using my body to stand then she'd let go and stand there, on her own, for about 5 seconds at a time. She did this about 15 times. The very next time she pulled up, she turned and took 2 steps away from me. I freaked. It must have been a fluke. So I let her pull up again and moved back from her. She took 2 steps toward me. Then again and again. I yelled for Cindy. Poor Emma, I scared her. She did it one more time, then she decided that was enough. I'm really in for it now.

I had a surprise when I walked out to get the mail this morning. This huge branch fell from the tree in our back yard. It's huge - about the circumference of my thigh (no rude comments please). We averted a small disaster. It came really close to our window. Thank Goodness. I also realized we forgot to take the wreath down from over the door. Oops! I'm seriously considering leaving it here 'til next Christmas.

As I was making breakfast, Olivia was playing with her magnet letters, lining them up on the counter. I paid no attention. It was only when I came back in the kitchen after everyone ate that I realized what was there.


and H-O

Keg !#$%^&* Ho - I'm sure we all know one.


Tammy said...

Now that Emma (and soon to be Jake) will be walking, you won't need any kind of workout. Hmmm...a keg ho....maybe my college years?

K J and the kids said...

You are in for it ! Push her down and stop encouraging her. DAMN GIRL!! first they walk...then talk...then they run from you, climb on shit...scream no at you :) ha ha ha

Way to go Emma. :)

Babykins said...

I had to laugh my a** off, Oh and yes I knew and still know of a few.

We have the same fridge letters. My 4 yr and now the 2.5 yr old put letters together and continually ask me what they've spelled. (usually nothing) I know I have absolutely no imagination, you are so good.

Congratulations Emma!

Dee said...

Way to go Emma! Scared to death for you now. Watch out!

Nice tree trunk.

LOVE the Keg Ho. Cracks me up. I needed a good laugh today!

Holly said...

Wow - go Emma. Andrew doesn't seem to be overly into walking yet. He wants to walk, but he doesn't like the effort involved!

Keg..ho...yeah definitely familiar.