Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Look, Mama. I'm Beautiful"

"Yes you are, my darling."

This is how I was wakened by my little girl this morning. Apparently, she had entertained herself in my makeup bag for awhile before she decided it was time for me to get up too.
She chose a lovely shade of mauve for her lips/face and Mommy's nighttime face cream slathered in her hair was the perfect way to finish off her look.

It's dreary and wet - AGAIN!
My friend's 7-year old twins are here while their mom went to an appointment. They wanted to play soccer outside and Olivia didn't, so she got really sad. She decided that making jewelry would make her happy, so we whipped out the pipe cleaner and beads. Here's the bracelet she made for Cindy.


K J and the kids said...

That is TOTALLY her color.

Elyse she looks OLD. I mean her face has changed a TON in only a few months. I don't like that at all. :(

Very cute pictures.
I'm CERTAIN Cindy will LOVE the bracelet.

Tammy said...

You described her look to me before you blogged and it is totally how I pictured it. Gotta love her!

DM & C said...

E she looks like a little mini-you....not the makeup part hehehehe....just the look on her face. And wow...the bracelet is GREAT. Did you help her with it???

nailgirl said...

I agree with K, Her face has changed, and she does look older.

hotomiky said...

So cute!!!!

I love the bracelet! :o)

Twins & 2 Moms said...

Oh how cute is she.. She didn't do too bad on the make up. LOL!
She really made that bracelet all by herself? That is way cute!