Monday, November 26, 2007

Gingerbread Massacre

Rainy gloomy day here in NJ and we're stuck in the house because Jake and Emma are still very sick - their brains are leaking out through their noses and they are coughing up their lungs. We've had to come up with a lot of things to entertain ourselves today and the house is a disaster area - and SO WHAT!

It's 2pm now and we are all still in our pj's. We have painted - on paper and our bodies, colored, played with every toy, built a Potato Head family and ripped it apart. The most fun by far, though, was the Gingerbread Massacre.

I sold my soul the other day and bought premade, precut gingerbread cookies in the shapes of men, women and Christmas trees. I NEVER thought I'd buy premade dough, but I felt like I would need them one day this week. I heard bad weather was coming and I thought it would be nice for OG and me to bake one day. I was NOT going to bake homemade chocolate chip cookies for fear of eating them ALL before Cindy even made it home from work. She would wonder what smelled so good and then I would have to lie and say it was a candle. So in order to avoid the scenario, I just bought the damn premade gingerbread because I don't like gingerbread and I won't have to be tempted because I WILL NOT gain back the weight I've lost - not for gingerbread cookies! I'm getting off the subject.

The cookies on the package look so pretty - perfectly baked, whole and beautifully decorated.

Olivia and I had an awesome time . She was very patient in pulling them apart and there were only a few casualties - a headless or limbless gingerbread man (or woman - they actually have some of the cutouts in skirts!) here and there. She was meticulous about placing them on the cookie sheet.

Then I did something REALLY stupid. What was I thinking? Can you guess? Take a minute, study the picture...

That's right, I put on the frosting and let Olivia put on her fishie sprinkles on BEFORE I put them in the oven. DUH! I just wasn't thinking. So all the poor little gingerbread people and Christmas trees sizzled and burned. Then the massacre ensued when I tried to scrape them from the cookie sheet.

And my cookie sheet didn't fair too well either - that's gonna be a bitch to clean!

This poor guy got an ulcer from my foolishness. Olivia thought he tasted pretty good, though.

All in all it was a lot of fun - and I only ate 1. and NO, it was NOT worth it. Damn!

Gotta go. Snoopy's about to have an operation and I've been asked to scrub in.

PS - I just really looked at this picture. Could my house be a bigger mess? Again - DON"T CARE!


Tammy said...

How hilarious! I would much rather be massacring gingerbread men and women right now than being at work. What a great day for all the fun indoor activities that you have just about run out of doing right about now. Aaahh---who cares about your messy house!

Amy said...

Loved the peptic ulcer gingerbread person.

Your house is a mess? That's exactly what our house looks like. Get use to it, once the twins are moving around they will divide and conquer your home. Just get a few baskets to toss the toys in at the end of the day. It will start all over again the next day.

K J and the kids said...

That is the sweetest thing I have EVER seen. :) the is hot when you get it out of the microwave. ha ha

Olivia just looks so much older to me. I don't want her to grow up. NOOOOOOO !

Snoopy looks pale. I hope everything goes well. Give him my love.

DM & C said...

That is hysterical! We always buy those damn cookies and they never turn out like the pictures. The good thing is that they always taste the same. I buy them because just like you said....they are NOT a temptation. The sugar cookies aren't tempting either, but look out for the chocolate chips. Stick with those gingerbread and sugar cookies and the weight will stay off. Who said you needed to lose weight anyway????

beans said...

hehe-that was a funny story-though I am sure it took up some time and you had some laughs along the way. That's the best-

I agree that snoopy is looking pale and I hope that he, and the babies, are feeling better soon!!