Monday, June 18, 2007

A Week in the Life...

Now that we are home, I need to talk about some of the good stuff. Here goes...

Before the craziness on Saturday afternoon, the week was a fun one.

Olivia got her 1st bike and was happy enough to just sit on it. Pedaling is a whole other issue - how the hell do you teach a kid to do that? And, of course, we insist on sneakers and a helmet, though not all the other kids on the block have to abide by the same rules. Too bad!

Cin's niece and Jake's Godmother, Jacqui (aka Jake) is in summer session at college and spends Tuesdays with me. Max is in love with her, always has been - can you tell?

Olivia thought it would be fun to see how my G string would look as a bathing suit. She used to wear them around her neck and dance around our room. Is this an improvement? Not bad, but now I'd have to be 7 ft tall to wear these again. Oh well. Saturday was looking to be the start of another amazing weekend. The only daylillies not to be eaten by the neighborhood deer had bloomed and we were going to do some work in the yard (YES - again!)
I decided to make breakfast on the grill. I know it may not look good to all of you, but if you've ever been camping, you know that there is nothing better than flame-grilled sausage and eggs with a hint of smokey goodness.Olivia was chasing Max around the yard, trying to get the ball that he popped with his big ole T-Rex teeth after it mysteriously appeared in our yard last week.

After he got tired, Max thought it would be a good idea to dig a hole in our flowerbed and lie down in the cool dirt. He denies it still.



Dee said...

Glad you guys are home. Adorable pictures! Max is too cute!

Kim said...

Glad to hear yall are home. Max is one BIG dog! And I agree "camp food" is the bomb! Thanks for sharing the pics.

K J and the kids said...

LOVE IT ! Pedaling is kind of like walking....some kids just get it right off...some take their time.
The bike is wonderful. Syd will get her 1st big girl bike in exchange for her last binky from the binky fairy. The way we are going, she may go right to a ten speed. :)
Right now she's fine riding her tricycle around the neighborhood.

I LOVE camping...and camp food. Maybe in September we should all ditch the hotels and sight seeing and go camping :)
I'm TOTALLY up for it.

Max is SUCH a sweetheart.
He didn't do it. I can tell these things.

K J and the kids said...

P.S. Nice Panties :)

kyky7079 said...

My kids have absolutely no clue that they need to pedal. I guess it just clicks at some point in each of them. I LOVE the panty pic - J has come out of my room with a bra around his head more than once. Max is so cute - I have always wanted a Dane, but B says we can't have a dog whose poop is bigger than ours.

ECand3 said...

Dee - thanks, we're happy to be home. Max is our guy!

Kim, thanks. A lot of campers here, maybe we should have an e-campout together.

KJ - Syd will do it, I just know it. She's toying with you. BTW, 10 speeds aren't cool anymore, don't ya know?
I say yes to the campout - how 'bout in our backyard? We've got the chimenea, lots of sticks and all the makings for s'mores. you just bring your sleeping bags. The kids would love it!
everyone is a sucker for Max's sweet face - wait til you meet him.
And yes, those panties used to be nice.

kyky - I hope pedaling clicks soon, my back is breaking.
The bra on the head is the best, especially on a boy. Got a pic of it?
Tell B that the big poop is no big deal - if ya gotta pick it up anyway, who cares? You will never find a sweeter breed. Just remember, a Dane must ALWAYS have his own bed!