Thursday, June 28, 2007

This n' That

It's been a week since I blogged...I know, I know, I'm bad. But life has been happening. In anticipation of my next blog, however, I have been carrying the camera around and taking pictures, so here are a few from the week. Nothing terribly exciting, just everyday fun and stuff.

Jake and Emma are getting so big and doing a lot of smiling, so we had a photo session to commemorate gums and smiles and big blue eyes.
I also bought a new bathing suit because I seemed to have lost all the suits I had last year. This is what happened when Jake saw his Mama's thighs for the 1st time.
I bought Bumbo seats this week because the babies are holding heir heads up pretty well and I figured they could use another view of the world. I bought pink and purple by mistake, so I had to go back and get a boy color. I guess that makes me part of the gender stereotypes problem - too bad! Jake is way too much of a bruiser to be in a pink or purple Bumbo seat! They found ways to amuse themselves, like playing "who can pinch whose foot harder?"
And, of course, big sister found her way into the loop with "this is what a lion says - ROOOOAR!" and she was helpful as always as the pacifier retriever.
Max needed a bath, so we broke out the generic Head n' Shoulders and rolled out the hose.
Olivia LOVES to wash the windows on the door and I never deny her that kind of fun. Check out that hubba!
And after working her little fingers to the bone, she was off to play "can't catch me" with Max. This is the reason I have to soil and reseed around this tree every year.
The week ended on a bit of a sad note. We discovered that our favorite lawn ornament and good friend, Ribbit, broke his foot. It's a pretty severe fracture, so it looks as though surgery will be required, though, as you can see, he is in good spirits, reading his favorite book "How to Catch Flies".
That's all for now. See y'all later - maybe with something more interesting.


K J and the kids said...

That was interesting to me :)
Are you kidding me....I love seeing pictures of your kids. They are getting so big. They look healthy.
You need to start stealing the shampoos out of the hotels to wash that dog. It might take 10-15 bottles, but it would work :)
I love the backyard. The plants and trees, everything looks very inviting.
Thanks for posting.

ECand3 said...

You don't know me vewy well, do you? I steal EVERYTHING! I keep those shampoos for my houseguests. Max needs the dandruff shampoo to keep his dander to a minimum. I took so many swaddle blankets from the hospital that I only have to wash them once a month! And those pads they put under you after you give birth - great for OG's bed during overnight potty training.
The kids are very healthy right now, thank goodness!

Tammy said...

OK--this is my very first comment into your blog world! :)
While I am at work and bored, I look forward to seeing if you have a new blog and it usually makes me smile. I enjoy all the new pics (and seeing if you made any spelling mistakes--hee hee)

ECand3 said...

Tammy - Welcome, my friend/editor. I so need you to check my spelling, the spellcheck on blogger is not at all adequate. So happy you have been sucked in.

Tammy said...

I am glad to be of service to you....I am always here to help you, my friend!

ajs4ever said...

I loved the pictures!! Your backyard is beautiful and those kiddos-- absolute angels!!! Your posts always put a smile on my face- so keep them coming!!


hotomiky said...

Babies are beautiful! So cute in bumbo!

Does Max likes taking a bath?

Funny part abt frog - a broken leg - severe (that's for sure) LoL

Love the backyard! Really Nice!!

Cute pictures! thanks for sharing!

nailgirl said...

Love the pics thanx!

ECand3 said...

Thanks everyone for telling me how beautiful my kds and yard are. I'm not sure which I am more proud of. The yard took a lot of work! (-:
ajs - happy to give you a smile
hotomiky - bumbos are awesome! Max loves taking a bath thank god. He thinks the hose is a toy - loves to stick his face in the water as it sprays out.