Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

So I have a ton of stuff to catch up on.
It's been a little strange around here lately. I've been feeling really out of sorts, to say the least. Just crappy. I can't even put my finger on a reason why. On top of that, Max has gone on a little vacation from us. He was getting so uptight. We have kids in the yard a lot playing and he is always on guard, watching over the babies and Olivia. He feels the need to protect them - every minute. He never relaxes. Even at night, when we're all in the house together, he gets nervous and paces when we go in different directions. He can't sit still until we're all together in one room and he can see us all. By the time the kids go to bed, he is exhausted. It's just so unfair. I felt like he was miserable all the time. In lieu of putting him on heavy duty meds, we sent him to spend some time with Eleasha, his former trainer and current love of his life, and Gunner, her Rottie, Max's boyfriend. She lives on a huge piece of land in PA. Max has the run of the place and hangs with the horses. I'm sure he thinks they're his long lost cousins. She sends me pictures, but I miss him so much and OG keeps asking when he's coming home. Sadly, I don't know and we're just taking it one day at a time. I took this the morning we dropped him off.

I thought it was about time Emma and Jake learned to use a spoon. It's going as expected - messy. I should have tried mashed potatoes instead of cottage cheese.

Yes, Jake is man enough to eat with a pink spoon.

Jersey corn is perfect this time of year and they LOVED it.

They decided to walk around and chew on it a little more, and slowly made their way to the kitchen and...
the little scoundrels left us a surprise in the letter drawer.

Olivia and the other kids from vacation bible school gave a performance on the last night. Emma couldn't help but get in the action. I have a video of it, which I will attempt to download later.

OG loved her space scooter. We gave it to her the morning of her party.
The party was fun. I didn't take a lot of pix, but I got this one, which is so sweet. Jake spent hours on my brother's lap.


Amy said...

OMG- they are getting so big. I can't tell you how many strange things we find in our kitchen drawers. We still do a nightly sippy cup search to make sure we have found all the ones with milk. You only have to miss one once.

Babykins said...

So cute, Emma and Jake look like their cruising with the spoons. OG is so cute on her scooter. Hope things work out and Max comes home real soon.

Jess said...

Great pictures. I'm sorry to hear that Max is so stressed out...poor guy! Do you think he will come home or stay as his vacation resort? The babies are getting so big. Layne is also a big fan or corn these days...poor Syd has no front teeth so she cannot enjoy it on the cobb!!!

Stef said...

Those beautiful Eyes!!!
I can;t tell you how many spoiled milk sippy cups I miss.. Just recently I found one in the back of the van.. how it got all the way in the very back of the van I do not know... but phew was it stinky!!!!

Nice to here from you.. we all get the blahs on occasion.. just hang in there.. it will pass!!

hotomiky said...

wow!!!! they are growing so much and glowing!

Love the pix of Oliva and Emma during the VBS performance.

Hope things go well for Max and family.

cute pictures... Miss them so much :(

Twins & 2 Moms said...

They are growing SO fast.. And SO beautiful!

Michael19 said...

Elise it was great meeting you Friday night at MC. You have a beautiful family! Hopefully I will see you out again sometime soon.


hotomiky said...

we all miss you!

Married Lesbian Mom said...

No more blogging? I hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a post? Would love to hear what you all are up to!