Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fashion Sense (or not so much)

Olivia is doing great at getting up and ready for school in the morning. No complaining or whining. It's been a pleasure. The other day, she urprised me by coming into my room fully dressed. She brushed her teeth, washed her face, picked out an outfit and put it on. She was PROUD. All the right body parts were covered and it was perfectly approriate clothing for the weather that day. I thought she did great. Decide for yourself...

Emma is picking up on Olivia's love for fashion and made a satement of her own. Strangely, og did the same thing when sh was Emma's age. Whe I get a minute, I'll look for the pix and post for comparison. I'm pretty sure OG was able to stack at leat 12 pair on her neck.

Olivia's legs are taking a beating. If she weren't my child, I'd report her parents to DYF*S.

That's all for now, gotta get ready for the block party. We've been planning it for weeks and it's finally here and it's already 75 degrees out at 9 AM. Woohoo!


K J and the kids said...

They are related. or maybe just the same age :)
Syd does the same thing with her socks. Pulls them up to her knees and there isn't a way of talking her out of them :)

Hope you have fun at your block party. 75 degrees. YIPPEEEEEEE. Ours is tomorrow. they are calling for rain...poo on them !

KellyBelly said...

Yes,Mani has made me "proud" many a mornings, just the same way. And since she is wearing me down sometimes I give up the fight.

Tammy said...

Hello Kitty Christmas socks rock in May! The weather is awesome this weekend! Wahoo---summer is here!