Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

And Jake took his 1st steps. It was only 2, but he finally did it. I have no pictures because it was about 7 at night and we had been running since 7 AM - church, store, Easter dinner for 20, egg hunt, etc., etc.

I don't really want him to walk yet. Emma is running me ragged. But secretly, I want this sweet boy to catch up a little, lest he spend his entire life a few steps behind his smaller, crazier twin sister - she is completely insane. Manic! Whacko!

Easter was a hoot. OG got a basket full of goodies for the 1st time (yes, we deprived her until now.) Meanwhile, she doesn't even really like chocolate so much, which actually makes me doubt that they used my egg. Whatever - more for me. She didn't even know who the Easter Bunny was until the night before when I suddenly realized I better explain where this basket and all the candy and stuff came from. It dawned on me that I have no idea who he is either, so I made up some crap about him being some crazy-ass rabbit who travels the world and brings baskets for all the kids because he's so happy that Jesus came back to life. PLEEZ just cut me a break on this one. I have been struggling for weeks about how to explain The Resurrection to a 3 1/2 year old without giving her nightmares for life, so I had no creative juices left for the Easter Freakin' Bunny.
So she got lots of other fun stuff, like dental floss picks (don't even say a word!) and rubber stamps and pens and bubbles.

The family Easter egg hunt was great - 3 kids this year. Next year Emma and Jake will join. The weather was wonderful - 45 and sunny - it was like a heatwave here.
Then I played some driveway soccer with my 6 feet tall, 14 year old twin nephews and got knocked on my ass - actually felt good. I felt young again.

Gotta go - solid chocolate bunny calling - "EAT ME, EAT ME".
Emma mistook this bunny for chocolate
Hippity hop - find the most eggs
anything for an egg...even a poke in the eye

as it turns out, OG is fairly competetive - where DOES she get that from - must be the donor!
OG and her fashion plate cousin Alex - stopped for a second to pose
OG and Aunt Karen, who brought the best cookie ever made
Jake and his Godparents


K J and the kids said...

How DARLING do the kids look in their Easter outfits.
I'm so glad you finally gave in and got Olivia an Easter basket. (syd loves those dinosaur tooth picks:)
Very cute kids ! kiss them all for me.

Tammy said...

Cute cute stuff! I am glad you had fun on Easter. Jake will get there-don't worry. But he is a lover, not a fighter, right?

beans said...

I think your version of the easter bunny story is definitely material for a children's book. I happen to think that was very creative and will give you lots of points for that one!!

Looks like fun was had by all!