Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Alright, Alright Already!

Get off my back!
I'm kidding of, course. This is for all my friends who keep asking me to post the pix from Utah. Allow me to clarify. For all my family and friends who won't blog, don't comment and use my blog to try to keep up with my life because every time they call me am in the throws of a crisis with 3 very loud children competing for my attention by screaming and crying and whining and tugging at my clothes and my extremities (to include nipples, which seem to be Emma's favorite thing to grab and hang onto these days).

Anyway, I love that you all want to share in my life and are so interested the time we spent with our "other family".

So here they are - a gazillion pix from our trip.

The babies had their own kind of fun...
going through security at the airport

playing with fake celery

The Discovery Museum and The Sesame Street Body Exhibit were so much fun

The indoor amusement park was awesome!

Sleep was running theme for the kids - they were exhausted every night when we got back to the hotel

We went sledding on a great hill and the girls were VERY brave


K J and the kids said...

It looks like you guys had a fun and relaxing time.
hee hee
Just kidding.
SERIOUSLY the pictures look all too familiar.
Thanks for keeping us in the loop :)

How's Emma doing on her walking ?

hotomiky said...

It looked so much fun! Couldn't believe how much they had grown! Wow.. We gotta get together!!

ECand3 said...

Very fun, very relaxing, very happy time in Utah.
Emma no longer walks, she runs. Jake still has no interest - thank goodness.

Kim said...

Great pics. Looks like a wonderful time!

Babykins said...

Looks like so much fun for the kids. What beautiful children!

Twins & 2 Moms said...

Looks like you had a total blast. Sorry we didn't get to be a part of it and meet ya'll!